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Life today is far too complicated & expensive.

And it doesn't have to be. 

We live in an era of profound change. 

The last few hundred years of scientific and technological innovation have changed how we live, how we work, what we think, how we spend our time, and the resources available to us. While these have generally been positive changes, the world and our lives are not what we wish them to be. And every year adds complexity and cost, without making appreciable progress toward the world and the lives we want. 


That's where we come in.


We're here to help fill the gap, giving you the building blocks to construct your best lives. Our simple ideas and tools, based on the best science and latest technology, help you easily understand how building on a foundation of effective well-being can get us to where we want to go, and then help get you there. 

Whether you're a business leader helping to shape a better future or just someone trying to live your life in this crazy world, we're here to help. 

Countryside Road

Our Story

Effectiveli is the product of lives dedicated to an honest search for truth and a desire to help others. 

Effectiveli's founder, Chris Beall, started this journey as a young inquisitive boy, who saw science as the path to knowledge, and who's mother instilled in him a commitment to service.


This led him to read voraciously, on any and every topic, and to a philosophy degree where he got to study all the great thinkers of history, particularly in science and ethics. It also led him to donate his money and time to a wide breadth of charitable causes, including volunteering with the Red Cross during Katrina, volunteering for a year with Habitat for Humanity through AmeriCorps, and serving with the Peace Corps in Vanuatu on the the South Pacific island of Tanna. 

After transitioning to a career in Large-scale Business Transformation, helping the world's leading organizations develop and implement the latest technology and business strategies, he saw the gap between what what can be achieved with the right approach and technologies, and the lack of progress that is often made with investments into "Good" outcomes. 

Well-being management has become a more regular topic of discussion, for both individuals and institutions, but still suffers from too little investment, too much marketing, too few defined-measurable outcomes, and too many poor excuses.

Effectiveli was born in 2015 out of a desire to close this gap. 

It's taken us some time to create the Effective Well-being framework, but we have it. We have begun our next phase, by producing training programs and building partnerships to form the foundation of a future built on well-being: where it is easy to measure in real-time, and the ultimate focus of the world's efforts. 


Please join us and found the future on well-being!

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