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Measuring Well-Being Precisely

Humanity's understanding of 'well-being' has undergone revolutionary advances in the last few hundred years, making us a healthier, more prosperous species.

We have not only discovered precise issues and diseases, but also their underlying mechanisms, effective treatments, and cures. However, we still have an incredibly hard time clearly defining it, let alone accurately and precisely measuring it.

We also currently have hundreds of thousands of professional institutions, as well as millions of specialists working diligently to improve our well-being. However, this same necessary specialization and institutional redundancy have added unnecessary complexity and cost to the process, while often losing sight of overall well-being.

To continue improving this progress, what is most needed now is a universal aggregator; a way for information across specializations and institutions to automatically aggregate into a clearly defined universal format, and into universal indicators of life's well-being. That way:

  • The ultimate goal of managing well-being is universally maintained and accessible

  • Information and outcomes can be optimized automatically

  • Well-being can be measured and produced with precision

The process requires 4 parts:

  1. A Precise Methodology

  2. A Simple Experience

  3. Production Reform

  4. Interested Parties

If you are interested in improving our understanding and achievement of well-being, then you are #4, an interested party.

1-3 are already well established separately, and simply need to be brought together into a precise, technical process and product.

Doing this will revolutionize life on Earth, and beyond.

(1) A Precise Methodology: The EffectiveLI Philosophy

The philosophy is quite simple:

  1. We can know and measure well-being with scientific precision, and

  2. We can industrialize it's production, fully automating it's achievement for a nominal cost

This is a surprisingly easy leap.

We already informally measure well-being every day; for ourselves, our family and friends, our entertainment, and our work. We are well tuned well-being measuring machines.

"How's Life?" ... "How's it going" ... "How are things?"

These are familiar questions, and thoughts. However, the accuracy and range of our usual answers are very very limited and vague, leading to a wide range of errors, unintended and negative outcomes.

We already use scientific knowledge and technology to improve our precision and chances. We all use phones, calendars, cars, social media, money, books, fridges.... various technologies to help us measure and manage our lives and well-being.

The EffectiveLI approach simply helps us stay focused on the ultimate goal, lays out the extra steps to get to 100% precision, scope, and effectiveness, and simplifies the process to be universally applicable and accessible.

(2) A Simple Experience: Managing Life EffectiveLI

So how does it work?

Very basically, we summarize life into simple, universal "Life Indicators" (LI), that can then be drilled into to explore more detail.

The Top indicators are:

  • Well-Being - The singular overall grade of an individual or group's life, combining the 2 key discrete indicators below.

  • Health & Fitness - Shows how healthy and fit you are compared to the average human, based on your ability to perform physical and mental tasks.

  • Happiness and Entertainment - Shows how you feel over time, based on how you behave, and given as a percentage of time (hours) in your lifetime.

These become the baseline values to measure life by, and can be drilled into to create improvement programs, and measure precise impacts, across all variables.

They also represent a complete picture of a life, and can be adjusted for any individual or groups desired / preferred focus, while still remaining on the same universal technical platform, and precise.

It's personalizable gamification with the stuff that matters most.

(3) Production Reform: Full Life Automation

Ultimately, the intent and final goal of this project is to have every person able to successfully and happily manage their own lives, at a nominal cost, while avoiding serious negative outcomes.

This can only happen with major changes in how we produce.

Particularly, how we produce:

  • Information

  • Physical Stuff

  • Management Programs

We can't do it with our current 'employment' approach. Human's simply don't have the capacity. But technology does.

Luckily, any information that can be known, can be documented.

If it can be documented, given time, it can be automated.

If you'd like to know more, see more here.


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