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We Can Already Fully Automate

Sometime in your lifetime all human labor will be obsolete.

This means that for anything.... absolutely anything that a person can do, there will exists a technology engineered to do it 100x better and 100x cheaper.

We already have the fundamental technologies to do it.

All that is left is to:

  • Finish developing the tech for all use cases

  • Make a plan to transition people from Work to Retirement

  • Manage people's lives once they retire

The main challenges to this aren't technological.

They are:

  1. Finalizing an accurate scientific theory of what it means to "live a good life", so that our tech and retirement can successfully support it

  2. Building it into our automation tech and social norms

  3. Finalizing a plan for how to implement the transition from Work to Retirement

  4. Convincing people to make the change

At Effectiveli, finished 1 & 3, and are actively working on 2 & 4.

In the meantime, the major shifts in 'employment' are toward:

  • Entertainment, and

  • Experience ... which is simply making 'existing / obsolete products and services and structures' entertaining (like Bank-Cafes)

While there isn't anything fundamentally wrong with entertainment, but:

  • Mixing it with serious industries (like, say medicine and governance) are not optimal solutions, and can cause serious harm.

  • It unnecessarily maintains less efficient and effective "manual human labor" in places where it can already be replaced with technology.

  • It risks us being unprepared with a transition plan as more and more work can be automated, and more jobs are shifted to pointless work (for the sake of employment).

  • It lowers the quality of life for people, by missing the point of social institutions like business and government to help people live good lives, while lowering their paychecks, and transferring more and more economic resources to tech owners who provide less and less personal value to society.

Doing better isn't terrible difficult to understand or achieve.

But, it does take a new approach.


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